Quick Tip: The Differences Between JRE and JDK


JRE and JDK are two very common terms that we will always see in Java. To understand the differences between JRE and JDK is important for Java beginner.

In today’s tutorial, we’ll tell you what is the differences between these two terms.


JRE stands for “Java Runtime Environment”.

The JRE contains Java Virtual Machine (JVM), core libraries, and other components which are necessary to run Java applets and Java applications.

The JRE can be installed as a browser plugin in order to run the Java applets from the browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


JDK stands for “Java Development Kit”.

The JRE is a subset of the JDK.

The JDK contains the command line development tools such as Java source compiler javac and Java debugger jdb for developing Java applets and Java applications.

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